zkSync Summer Airdrop

🚀 zkSync's Commitment to Decentralization

Focus on Decentralization: zkSync's v24 upgrade, expected by the end of June, is the final step before handing network governance to the community.

Technological and Legal Precision: Decentralization requires careful attention to complex technological and legal frameworks. zkSync emphasizes building lasting technology that stands out in an industry often driven by short-term goals.

Future of Verifiable Internet: zkSync states it is not just another L2; it is a catalyst for a user-owned internet at the scale of billions. Their commitment is to create enduring technology, setting the foundation for the future. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 🖨️ Tether Treasury mints 1B $USDT.
  2. 🪂 Drift $DRIFT airdrop is live.
  3. 📉 GameStop $GME files to sell up to 45M shares.
  4. 💀 Pink Drainer to shut down.

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Crypto News

• ⭐️ Tether Treasury mints 1B $USDT; a total of 31B in the past year.

Chainlink $LINK completes tests with US banks to accelerate tokenization of funds.

US Senate overturns SEC ruling that prevented firms from holding crypto.

US Senator Cynthia Lummis posts, "We are so ₿ack," on X.

China busts $1.9B underground banking operation using $USDT.

Binance executive Tigran Gambaryan denied bail in Nigeria amid money laundering & tax violation charges.


Linea launches Volt 1 of the Linea Surge campaign.

Zircuit posts, "mainnet loading ███████▒▒▒ 75%," on X.

Aligned Layer launches X Acceleration quest on Galxe.

Bebop launches support for Scroll.

Rabby Initial Points claim ends May 31st.

Lens releases Lens Network Commemorative Zorb NFT on Zora.


Weekly Airdrop News & Claims by Earndrop.

deBridge Airdrop Strategy by Earndrop.

• ⭐️ Drift $DRIFT airdrop is live until August 24th, 2024.

• ⭐️ zkSync hints at Summer airdrop with upcoming v24 release.

Bryan Pellegrino posts, "338,000+ self-reported Sybil addresses..." on X.

ICYMI Telegram $TON Airdrop by Olimpio.

Finance News

CME Group $CME to potentially launch Bitcoin trading.

Millennium Management discloses $2B worth of Bitcoin ETF holdings.

Morgan Stanley $MS discloses $270M worth of Bitcoin ETF holdings.

• ⭐️ GameStop $GME files to sell up to 45M shares.

BRICS currency currently in development by Russia & Iran.

Security and Exploits

• ⭐️ Pink Drainer to shut down citing, "We have reached our goal..."

pump[.]fun bonding curve contracts compromised, but have since been upgraded.

Researchers discover new Wi-Fi vulnerability that enables network eavesdropping.

Intel issues advisories for 90 security vulnerabilities.

Token Unlocks

• Nym / 3.02M $NYM / ~$474K / MAY 18
• Manta / 6.67M $MANTA / ~$10M / MAY 18
• Oasis / 171.00M $ROSE / ~$15M / MAY 18
• Pixels / 54.37M $PIXEL / ~$19M / MAY 19


Param Labs, a Web3 gaming ecosystem; raises $7M in Strategic funding led by Animoca Brands.

Focus Tree, a Web3 focus app, raises $2M in Seed funding led by Sfermion.

Huan Ventures invests an undisclosed amount in Fireblocks & Chainalysis.

The Degen Farmer

Top stablecoin yield farms of the day, more than $3,000,000 in TVL. DYOR and step up your farming game!

KiloEx logoKiloEx (Op_bnb)USDT136.19%
Ramses V2 logoRamses V2 (Arbitrum)USDCUSDC82.93%
Notional V3 logoNotional V3 (Arbitrum)NUSDC59.94%
Synthetix V3 logoSynthetix V3 (Base)USDC53.82%
Abracadabra Spell logoAbracadabra Spell (Arbitrum)MIMUSDCUSDT52.54%
Morpho Blue logoMorpho Blue (Ethereum)USDEDAI45.54%
Aerodrome V1 logoAerodrome V1 (Base)DOLAUSDC43.71%
Indigo logoIndigo (Cardano)IUSD36.07%
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KelpDAO: Restake ETH and farm rewards

KelpDAO is a re-staking protocol. Deposit ETH, stETH, or ETHx with Kelp to get both EigenLayer Points AND Kelp Miles (probably converted to tokens)!

On top of this KelpDAO launched the "Mega Million Marathon" - they are giving $1,000,000 worth of USDC, ARB, and OP to eligible restakers.

For every ETH deposited with Kelp, you can get additional rewards and Eigen points. Details of the campaign here.

When you restake in KelpDAO using our AlphaPacked link, you are getting 10% bonus in Kelp Miles👇

🟢 ETH Smart Staking with KelpDAO

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That’s it for today’s edition! See you soon.

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