ZKasino Rugs $33M

🚨 ZKasino ETH Controversy

Major Funds Transfer: ZKasino users were alarmed as $33M of their bridged ether was unexpectedly sent to Lido, sparking fears of a rug pull.

User Reactions: Community members are demanding refunds, fearing loss of funds, as they weren't informed prior to the transaction.

Call for Transparency: The unexpected transfer has prompted calls for greater transparency and regulation in the DeFi sector to prevent similar incidents. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 👋 SEC lawyers resign in crypto fraud trial.
  2. 🪂 Safe $SAFE TGE & airdrop tomorrow.
  3. 💱 Russia & China ditch US Dollar.
  4. 🐶 Shiba Inu raises $12M for Layer 3 blockchain.

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Crypto News

• ⭐️ SEC lawyers resign after judge blasts SEC for abuse of power in crypto fraud trial.

Mt. Gox creditors report payment updates on claims system.

Kraken acquires cryptocurrency arm of TradeStation amid US expansion.

FTX Investors agree to settle case against SBF in exchange for cooperation against celebrities.

Hong Kong Police arrest 72 people in connection with JPEX rugpull.

Thailand to block access to unauthorized crypto platforms citing solving the problem of online crime.

Celo choose Optimism's OP Stack for transition to Ethereum Layer 2.


BOB (Build on Bitcoin) Mainnet to launch on May 1st.

Zircuit posts, "mainnet loading ██████▒▒▒▒ 60%," on X.

Reya Network liquidity generation event (LGE) is live.

Bebop adds support for Optimism.

Wildcard releases First Anniversary NFT to Genesis Wildpass holders.


• ⭐️ Safe $SAFE token generation event (TGE) & airdrop is tommorrow.

Blast Gold Distribution 2 (10M) will be sent to dapps this week.

Friend Tech teases "something new" coming soon on April 29th.

ICYMI Evo Exchange Airdrop Strategy by Earndrop.

Finance News

• ⭐️ Russia & China near-completely ditch US Dollar in bilateral trade.

Donald Trump to receive ~$1.25B of Trump Media $DJT shares due to earnout bonus.

Security and Exploits

• ⭐️ ZKasino rugs and sends $33M of user funds to Lido.

Microsoft warns North Korean hackers are using AI for cyber operations.

Kaspersky uncovers threat group, ToddyCat; targeting government and military entities.

Researchers uncover Windows flaw that grants threat actors rootkit-like capabilities.

RedLine Stealer malware new variant disguises itself as video game cheats.

Token Unlocks

• Cartesi / 21.43M $CTSI / ~$4.6M / APR 23
• Acala / 4.66M $ACA / ~$550K / APR 25
• Euler / 72.15K $EUL / ~$335K / APR 25
• Yield Guild Games / 16.69M $YGG / ~$16M / APR 27
• SingularityNET / 8.9M $AGIX / ~$7.5M / APR 28
• Optimism / 24.16M $OP / ~$59M / APR 29


• ⭐️ Shiba Inu, a memecoin & future Layer 3 blockchain; raises $12M in funding.

Othentic, an infrastructure for shared security networks; raises $4M in Seed funding co-led by Finality Capital Partners & Breyer Capital.

Only1, an only-redacted clone on Solana; raises $1.3M in Strategic funding.

The Degen Farmer

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Merkle Trade logoMerkle Trade (Aptos)ZUSDC127.94%
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Morpho Blue logoMorpho Blue (Ethereum)USDEDAI57.13%
Avantis logoAvantis (Base)USDC56.00%
Extra Finance logoExtra Finance (Base)WUSDRUSDBC51.82%
Velodrome V2 logoVelodrome V2 (Optimism)USDCDOLA50.79%
PancakeSwap AMM V3 logoPancakeSwap AMM V3 (Arbitrum)USDT+USD+48.33%
Turbos logoTurbos (Sui)USDTUSDC47.89%
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