Vitalik Buterin Leaves X

🤔 Buterin's Departure from Twitter

Musk's Question on Twitter: Elon Musk publicly questioned why Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin reduced his activity on Twitter, sparking discussions in the tech and crypto community.

Buterin's Preference for Farcaster: Responding at ETH Taipei, Buterin expressed his annoyance with Twitter and his preference for Farcaster, praising its high-quality interactions and appeal beyond just crypto enthusiasts.

Farcaster vs Twitter: While Farcaster's use is less widespread compared to Twitter, Buterin highlighted its innovative features like NFT minting, encouraging more adoption within the decentralized community. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 🔴 Optimism has something special for us tomorrow.
  2. 🪂 Proof of Inscription $POI airdrop checker is live.
  3. 🛑 China bans Intel & AMD CPUs.
  4. 💰 StakeStone raises funding from Binance Labs.

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Crypto News

• ⭐️ Elon Musk asks why Vitalik Buterin left X for Farcaster.

US SEC to ask judge for $2B in fines & penalties from Ripple Labs $XRP.

London Stock Exchange to Launch Bitcoin $BTC & Ethereum $ETH exchange-traded notes (ETN) market.

Binance ends support for $USDC deposits and withdrawals via Tron Network.

CommEX, owner of Binance’s former Russian operations; to shut down.

Nigeria charges Binance with tax evasion after 1 of the 2 detained executives escapes.

Philippine regulators to block access to Binance citing it lacks the required regulatory license.

Polygon zkEVM resumes operation following ~10 hours outage.


• ⭐️ Optimism posts, "We have something very special for you tomorrow. Stay tuned ✨🔴." on X.

Scroll cofounder posts, "..Decentralization and Rewards for on-chain interaction is also on its way.." on X.

Stackr posts, "Beta wen? Beta soon🖖" on X.

Ten launches Stay in the Loop with Ten campaign on Galxe.

BBOX Testnet phase 2 is now live.

EthSign launches Week 2 of the SignX campaign on Galxe.


• ⭐️ Proof Of Inscription $POI airdrop checker is live.

DYAD Kerosene airdrop checker is live.

4 In 1 Airdrop Strategy by Alpha Insiders.

Finance News

US Presidential Candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr calls cryptocurrency the “best hedge against inflation.”

Coinbase $COIN shares rally ~9% as Bitcoin $BTC flirts with $70K.

FTX to sell two-thirds stake in Anthropic for $884M.

• ⭐️ China bans Intel $INTC and AMD $AMD CPUs from government offices and servers.

Security and Exploits

SlowMist Weekly Security Reports highlights over ~$11.4M in losses.

Curio exploited for ~$16M due to permission access logic vulnerability.

Revoke adds support for Fraxtal, a modular rollup built on the OP Stack.

Token Unlocks

• Yield Guild Games / 16.69M $YGG / ~$15.9M / MAR 27
• SingularityNET / 8.84M $AGIX / ~$10M / MAR 27
• Euler / 81.64K $EUL / ~$506K / MAR 28
• Optimism / 24.16M $OP / ~$89.9M / MAR 28
• Echelon Prime / 1.66M $PRIME / ~$41.4M / MAR 30
• Sui / 4M $SUI / ~$6.8M / MAR 30
• Manta / 1.87M $MANTA / ~$5.8M / MAR 31
• dYdX / 33.33M $DYDX / ~$114M / MAR 31
• ZetaChain / 5.29M $ZETA / ~$10.9M / MAR 31
• Acala / 27.43M $ACA / ~$5.7M / APR 01


• ⭐️ StakeStone, an omnichain liquidity infrastructure; raises an undisclosed amount in funding from Binance Labs.

BlockGames, a decentralized player network; raises $6M in funding.

BottoDAO raises $1.67M in treasury OTC transactions led by 1kx.

The Degen Farmer

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Blast Futures logoBlast Futures (Blast)USDB57.71%
Aura logoAura (Ethereum)GHOUSDCUSDT44.84%
Jones DAO logoJones DAO (Arbitrum)JUSDC41.61%
Ethena logoEthena (Ethereum)SUSDE38.33%
Abracadabra logoAbracadabra (Arbitrum)MIMUSDCUSDT38.09%
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