US Court Approves Silk Road 69K Bitcoin Forfeiture

🔒 Extensive BTC Forfeiture in Silk Road Case

Court Approves Forfeiture: U.S. court approves forfeiture of 69,370 BTC from Silk Road. This marks a significant development in cryptocurrency law enforcement.

Multiple Cryptos Seized: The seizure includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin gold, Bitcoin SV, and Bitcoin Cash, demonstrating the case's wide-reaching impact on the crypto industry.

Legal Actions Intensified: The sentencing of Silk Road hacker James Zhong underscores the increasing focus on cybercrime in the cryptocurrency sector. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. ❄️ Three Arrow Capital founders' $1B in assets frozen.
  2. 📅 Tim Beiko outlines Ethereum Dencun upgrade schedule.
  3. 📉 Ark Invest sells another $24M worth of Coinbase shares.
  4. 👾 Chromium-based browsers receive security updates.

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Crypto News

• ⭐️ Three Arrow Capital founders' $1B in assets frozen by British Virgin Islands court.

Sam Bankman Fried request for sentencing process extension rejected by US Judge.

Prometheum receives green light from FINRA for digital asset securities clearing and settlement services.

Hong Kong prepares to accept cryptocurrency spot ETF applications.

Argentina ratifies & confirms contracts can be set in Bitcoin.

• ⭐️ Tim Beiko outlines Ethereum Dencun upgrade schedule with mainnet set for Feb/Mar.

Circle secures conditional DASP Registration in France.

Paxos receives approval from NY financial regulators to expand to Solana.

Worldcoin $WLD pauses Orb verification in India, Brazil, & France.

Aleo launches the Aleo Foundation to guide and support the network.

Qredo $QRDO secures debt financing as its co-founder & CEO is removed.


Diva mainnet launch set for end of Q1 or beginning of Q2.

Astria introduces Rollup-as-a-Service; users can test deploying a rollup.

Aptos Ecosystem Fundamentals Quest #2 is live on Galxe.

Lumio by Potem launches Whitelist-To-Earn event to test Lumio L2.

ZetaChain prepares next phase for ZETA points.

RedStone launches Holiday Special with Premia campaign on Galxe.

Mercato Holder Tab Key NFT is free to mint until tomorrow.


Ethereum staking airdrops by Olimpio.

Frame and ZKFair airdrops by Olimpio.

Cosmos staking tutorial by Earndrop.

Manta Network New Paradigm by mztacat.

Finance News

• ⭐️ Ark Invest sells another $24M worth of Coinbase $COIN shares in addition to $14.3M worth of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust $GBTC.

IRS waives $1B in penalties for millions of taxpayers.

Intel $INTC lays off 300+ employees amid its cost-reduction strategy.

Wells Fargo $WFC employees in New Mexico branch vote in favor on unionization.

Citigroup $C closes global distressed-debt group business.

Nike $NKE stock plunges as it cuts revenue outlook for the fiscal year.

Security and Exploits

US law enforcement faces cryptocurrency training shortfall, but demand surges.

• ⭐️ Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers receive security updates due to zero-day vulnerability.

Chameleon Android banking trojan discovered to now bypass biometric authentication.

Token Unlocks

• Acala / 4.66M $ACA / ~$362K / DEC 24


Medallion, a direct sales and marketing platform for music artists; raises $13.7M in Series A funding led by Dragonfly, Lightspeed, and Faction.

Addressable, a web3 growth suite; raises $6M in funding.

Web3mine, a web3 infrastructure; raises $6M in Seed funding led by 1kx.

4Everland, a web3 infrastructure; raises $2M in funding.

Immutable raises an undisclosed amount in strategic investment from Framework Ventures.

Ammalgam, a decentralized lending exchange, raises an undisclosed amount in funding.

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