"There Is No Second Best" - Michael Saylor

💼 MicroStrategy's Bold Bitcoin Plan

MicroStrategy's $600M Raise: Michael Saylor's MicroStrategy is raising $600M through Convertible Senior Notes to purchase more Bitcoin.

Investment and Interest Details: The notes, accruing interest from September 2024, reflect the company's strong commitment to Bitcoin investment.

Bitcoin's Market Potential: With Bitcoin trading at $67,543 and potential growth expected, MicroStrategy's move could attract more Bitcoin investors. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 🛑 SEC delays BlackRock spot Ethereum ETF.
  2. ⚖️ US Government to destroy Bitcoin mining data.
  3. 🚀 Parallel Network launches Early Access Testnet.
  4. 💰 Taiko raises $15M in Series A funding.

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Crypto News

• ⭐️ SEC delays decision on BlackRock spot Ethereum ETF proposal.

Tether $USDT supply nears 100B with current ATH supply of ~99.5B.

Coinbase glitches and shows $0 balances for a second time.

US court rules trading of certain crypto assets on secondary markets are securities transactions.

• ⭐️ US Government to destroy Bitcoin $BTC mining data after successful lawsuit.

Taiwan to propose a draft law targeting virtual currencies in September.

South Korea launches probe on Worldcoin $WLD amid privacy concerns.

Wall Street Journal sued for alleged defamation in 2023 Tether-Bitfinex article.


Karak Network introduces support for Swell $rswETH.

• ⭐️ Parallel Network Early Access Testnet launches today.

Tabi Chain launches Testnet though features will be unveiled step by step.

Intract launches new Blast Bang quest with Interport Finance.

Ten launches Stage 3 of Meet Ten Campaign on Galxe.


Aevo opens voting for AGP-1.5

Aark Moon Festival Phase 1 airdrop campaign is live.

How To Set Yourself Apart For Airdrops by Crypto Snooper.

Finance News

• ⭐️ MicroStrategy $MSTR to raise $600M and use it to buy more Bitcoin $BTC.

Ark Invest sells ~$45M worth of Coinbase $COIN shares.

Nvidia $NVDA passes Suadi Aramco in market cap becoming 3rd largest company.

Reddit seeks up to $6.5B valuation in upcoming IPO.

Lockheed Martin $LMT looks to acquire Terran Orbital for nearly $600M.

Security and Exploits

SlowMist Weekly Security Report highlights over $11.42M in estimated losses.

Blockaid discovers Proxy Attack, a new attack vector used by drainers.

US Agencies warn of Phobos ransomware attacks targeting critical infrastructure.

US court orders NSO Group to disclose source code of Pegasus spyware to Meta.

US DOJ indicts Alireza Shafie Nasab for cyberattacks and offers $10M for info leading to his capture.

Token Unlocks

• Liquity / 657.35K $LQTY / ~$1.1M / MAR 04
• Galxe / 2.03M $GAL / ~$6.9M / MAR 04
• Hashflow / 13.62M $HFT / ~$6.8M / MAR 06
• Moonbeam / 3.04M $GLMR / ~$1.6M / MAR 10


• ⭐️ Taiko, an Ethereum-equivalent ZK-EVM; raises $15M in Series A funding led by Lightspeed Faction, Hashed, Generative Ventures, and Token Bay Capital.

Privasea, a privacy computing AI network; raises $5M in Seed funding.

Stack, a platform for points systems onchain; raises $3M in Seed funding led by Archetype.

Scallop, a money market on Sui; raise $3M in Strategic funding co-led by CMS and 6th Man Ventures.

bitSmiley, a BTC-Native stablecoin protocol; raises an undisclosed amount in Strategic funding from KuCoin Ventures.

The Degen Farmer

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Aerodrome logoAerodrome (Base)DOLAUSDC108.72%
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Notional V3 logoNotional V3 (Arbitrum)NDAI54.39%
Umami Finance logoUmami Finance (Arbitrum)GMUSDC46.76%
Abracadabra logoAbracadabra (Arbitrum)MIMUSDCUSDT41.71%
Jones DAO logoJones DAO (Arbitrum)JUSDC35.07%
Vesper logoVesper (Ethereum)FRAX31.84%
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