Taiko Unveils $TKO Airdrop

🚀 TKO Airdrop Begins for Taiko Community

Airdrop Eligibility Details: Phase 1 of the TKO airdrop has started, offering 5% of the initial token supply. Users have 7 days to check eligibility on claim.taiko.xyz, and eligible users have one month to claim their TKO.

Included User Categories: Eligible categories include Taiko proposers, provers, bridgers, users (Galxe points included), developers, and qualified GitHub contributors. Eligibility is based on a weighted activity score.

Future Rewards and Programs: Unqualified users can participate in the Trailblazers program for more rewards. Claim Faction Community badges to boost in the program. Visit the Call of Taiko website for more info. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 📜 US House of Representatives passes FIT21 Crypto Bill.
  2. 🦊 MetaMask to potentially add Bitcoin support.
  3. 👋 US FDIC Chair Martin Gruenberg to step down.
  4. 🟣 Farcaster raises $150M led by Paradigm.

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Crypto News

• ⭐️ US House Of Representatives passes FIT21 Crypto Bill, heads to US Senate.

Uniswap responds to US SEC Wells notice urging to drop pending enforcement action.

Ethereum Foundation Researchers disclose paid advisory roles at EigenLayer.

• ⭐️ MetaMask to potentially add Bitcoin support within the next month.

Uniswap & Across propose ERC-7683, a new standard for cross-chain intents.

Yuga Labs to no longer interfere with CryptoPunks following Super Punk World reaction.

US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump now accepts donations in crypto.

Bitcoin $BTC & Ethereum $ETH ETPs approved to list on London Stock Exchange.

US Prosecutors suggest 5-7 year prison sentence for FTX executive Ryan Salame.


Uniswap releases free limited-time "A Worthy Fight" NFT on Zora.

Initia Week 2 Bonus Tasks of The Initiation are live.

Caldera launches Caldera Crusade campaign on Galxe.

Stargate annonuces, "V2 is here." with the date May 28th on X.

Relay adds support for Polygon zkEVM with zero fee bridging from Ethereum.

Catalyst Mainnet is live supporting Optimism, Base, & Blast.


Zora Airdrop Strategy by Earndrop.

• ⭐️ Taiko launches $TKO airdrop eligibility checker for proposers, provers, developers, & more.

zkSync token airdrop to occur in June according to The Block.

Parallel FInance takes snapshot of Testnet users & will distribute tokens during airdrop period.

deBridge introduces $DBR token & its tokenomics.

Finance News

Coinbase $COIN to launch gold and oil futures trading in June.

US Presidential Candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr buys $24K of GameStop $GME shares.

• ⭐️ US FDIC Chair Martin Gruenberg to step down once successor is announced.

Goldman Sachs $GS CEO does not expect US Federal Reserve to cut interest rates in 2024.

JPMorgan Chase $JPM to pay $100M settlement over CFTC trade reporting violations.

Nvidia $NVDA reports $26B in Q1 revenue, 5.3% higher than expectations.

Security and Exploits

Gala Games $GALA exploited but has since recovered stolen funds.

Cloud Storage Services used to stage malicious payloads with Unicode masking.

Microsoft Exchange Server exploited to deploy keylogger malware in targeted attacks.

Token Unlocks

• Euler / 64.08K $EUL / ~$357K / May 24
• Acala / 4.66M $ACA / ~$504K / MAY 25
• AltLayer / 105.21M $ALT / ~$36M / MAY 25
• Nym / 25M $NYM / ~$4M / MAY 27
• Yield Guild Games / 18.69M $YGG / ~$16M / MAY 27


Monad, an Ethereum-compatible L1; raises an undisclosed amount in funding from OKX Ventures.

Aevo, a decentralized derivatives exchange; raises an undisclosed amount in funding from Binance Labs.

• ⭐️ Farcaster, a decentralized social network; raises $150M in funding led by Paradigm.

Stripchain, a cross-chain interoperability protocol; raises $10M in funding led by Sora Ventures.

Kelp DAO, a Liquid restaking protocol; raises $9M in Private Sale funding led by SCB Limited & Laser Digital.

Blockless, a modular application architecture; raises $8M in Seed funding.

WeatherXM, a community-powered weather network; raises $7.7M in Series A funding led by Faction.

Pencils Protocol, a native gateway on Scroll; raises $2.1M in Seed funding.

IVX, an 0dte options AMM on Berachain; raises $1.2M in Seed funding led by Animoca Brands & AVID3.

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