Société Générale Debuts Crypto Stablecoin

🌐 Société Générale's Crypto Venture

Bank Launches Stablecoin: Société Générale will launch EUR CoinVertible, a stablecoin, on Bitstamp exchange. This marks a major move by a traditional bank into cryptocurrency trading, a field mainly led by specialist firms.

Stablecoin's Unique Features: Unlike other bank's stablecoins limited to institutional clients, SocGen's is widely available. It’s fully backed by euros, aligns with upcoming EU regulations, and aims to facilitate digital asset trades.

Broader Industry Implications: The stablecoin, compliant with EU's Mica regulation, will cater to asset tokenization. It's already used for a digital green bond by Axa Investment Managers and poses no exposure risk to the French bank. Read More.

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Token Unlocks

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• Galxe / 2.03M $GAL / ~$3.02M / 04 DEC
• Hashflow / 13.62M $HFT / ~$4.32M / 06 DEC
• Euler / 129.47K $EUL / ~$445K / 06 DEC
• Moonbeam / 12.72M $GLMR / ~$3.49M / 10 DEC


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