Ledger's Software Kit Hacked: $520K Lost

🚨 Ledger Security Breach: $520K Stolen

Massive Hack and Financial Loss: Hackers stole ~$520K from DeFi users by inserting malicious code in multiple crypto websites. The breach affected major DeFi protocols and raised security concerns.

Employee Phishing and Past Issues: A phishing attack on a Ledger employee led to the breach. Past security problems include a 2020 data leak and controversial updates.

Urgent Call for Security Measures: The incident underlines the vulnerability of DeFi apps and the crucial need for enhanced security measures. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 🛑 Arbitrum halts as sequencer goes offline.
  2. ☠️ SafeMoon files for bankruptcy.
  3. ⛔ SEC denies Coinbase petition for transparent rules.
  4. 📈 JP Morgan predicts Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin.

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Crypto News

• ⭐️ JP Morgan predicts Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin in 2024.

• ⭐️ Arbitrum comes to a halt as sequencer goes offline.

LayerZero unveils LayerZero V2 upgrade with Mainnet planned for Jan 2024.

• ⭐️ SafeMoon files for bankruptcy causing price to dump ~35%.

Crypto(.)com & Cronos introduce Cronos ZkEVM Chain built on zkSync ZK Stack.

Manta Network launches New Paradigm, an L2 with native yield.

Iris Energy purchases 8380 Bitmain T21 mining machines for $22.3M.

CoinList agrees to pay $1.2M settlement with OFAC following allegations of sanction violations.

Ankex cryptocurrency exchanges by Qredo closes amid bear market conditions.


Scroll Origins NFT is live for users who deployed a contract on Scroll Mainnet.

Linea DeFi Voyage waves 9 & 10 are live on Intract.

DeBank launches new AskPro Respondent Web3 Badge.


Namada airdrop for Gitcoin donors by Olimpio.

Opal airdrop rumor by Eardrop.

Cosmos airdrop snooping by Crypto Snooper.

Jupiter $JUP airdrop by Airdrop Official.

Finance News

• ⭐️ SEC denies Coinbase $COIN petition for transparent rules on cryptocurrency.

Ark Invest sells additional $43M in Coinbase $COIN shares.

Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged at 5.25%-5.50%.

Nasdaq hit by system error causing canceled stock orders.

Costco sells $100M+ in gold bars last quarter.

Security and Exploits

ZachXBT exposes Peapods Finance exploiter as axxe(.)eth.

Token Unlocks

• Flow / 2.6M $FLOW / ~$2.03M / 15 DEC
• ApeCoin / 15.6M $APE / ~$26.83M / 16 DEC


Farcana, a multiplayer shooter; raises $10M in Seed funding.

Lolli, a Bitcoin rewards platform; raises $8M in Series B funding led BITKRAFT Ventures.

Metagood, the company behind OnChainMonkey NFTs, raises $5M in Seed funding.

NFTPerp, a perpetual futures DEX for NFTs; raises $3M in Series A funding led by 1kx.

bitSmiley, a Bitcoin stablecoin platform; raises an undisclosed amount co-led by OKX Ventures.

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