Ethereum Is A Security

📈 SEC's Ethereum Security Stance

SEC Targets Ethereum: The SEC is aiming to classify Ethereum as a security, impacting its future and possibly affecting the approval of a Spot Ethereum ETF.

Subpoenas Issued: The SEC has subpoenaed U.S. companies related to an investigation into Ethereum, particularly since its shift to a proof-of-stake model in 2022.

Investigations Underway: Investigations focus on Ethereum's governance model change and interactions with the Ethereum Foundation. No official confirmation has been received from the Foundation. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 🏦 BlackRock launches $100M fund on Ethereum.
  2. 🪂 Saga Mainnet set to launch in April.
  3. 📈 Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged.
  4. 💰 Morph raises $20M in Seed funding.

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Crypto News

US SEC pursues legal campaign to classify Ethereum $ETH as a security.

BlackRock launches $100M tokenized digital asset fund on Ethereum $ETH.

MicroStrategy aquires an additional 9,245 Bitcoin $BTC for ~$623M.

Genesis pays $21M penalty as part of a settlement over SEC charges.

Sam Bankman-Fried's defense team pushes back against 40 - 50 year prison sentence recommendation.

Do Kwon to be extradited to South Korea as Montenegro court rejects appeal.

Netherlands indicts Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev alleging he helped launder $1.2B in illicit funds.


Taiko launches Exploring Taiko with OKX Wallet campaign on Galxe.

Linea Park Week 5 Mini-Game Gala is live on Layer3.

Fluent releases Road To Mainnet details.

Avantis raises vaults capacity for liquidity providers.

DeBank releases EtherFi $ETHFI Airdrop Hunter Web3 Badge.

RWA Report 2024 by CoinGecko.


Polyhedra $ZK airdrop is live.

Saga posts, "Saga Mainnet. April 2024." on X.

Starknet fixes airdrop status for three groups of users.

Omni Network releases details on $OMNI as Mainnet launch approaches.

Finance News

US Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged at 5.25% - 5.50%.

GPIF, Japan's largest pension fund seeks information on Bitcoin $BTC as part of diversification plan.

Bakkt $BKKT replaces CEO amid warnings of NYSE delisting.

Intel $INTC awarded $8.5B in funding for semiconductor manufacturing in the US.

Security and Exploits

ParaSwap V6 contract exploited for ~$400K due to vulnerability.

Trezor X account was temporarily compromised.

Token Unlocks

• Immutable / 34.19M $IMX / ~$88M / MAR 21
• SpaceID / 78.49M $ID / ~$125M / MAR 21
• Acala / 4.66M $ACA / ~$776K / MAR 24


Morph, an Ethereum L2 network; raises $20M in Seed funding led by Dragonfly.

Mantra, a regulatory compliant RWA infrastructure; raises $11M in funding led by Shorooq Partners.

Umoja, a smart money protocol; raises $4M in Seed funding.

GVRT, a self-custodial CEX; raises $2.2M in Strategic funding.

EarlyFans, a SocialFi project on Blast; raises $1.5M in Seed funding.

HyperPlay, a web3-native game store; raises an undisclosed amount in Strategic funding from Square Enix.

The Degen Farmer

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Turbos logoTurbos (Sui)USDTUSDC57.42%
Solv Funds logoSolv Funds (Arbitrum)USDT46.96%
Curve DEX logoCurve DEX (Ethereum)IDAIIUSDCIUSDT45.70%
Ethena logoEthena (Ethereum)SUSDE43.98%
Jones DAO logoJones DAO (Arbitrum)JUSDC40.81%
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