Ethereum Co-Founder Sells $ETH

📉 Ethereum Co-Founder Sells $10.7M ETH

Ethereum Sale Raises Concerns: Ethereum co-founder Jeffrey Wilcke sold 4,300 ETH ($10.7M) to Kraken. This move led to market concerns about a potential downturn, echoing a past trend.

Expert Optimism Despite Sale: Analyst Adrian Zduńczyk remains optimistic, citing Ethereum's bullish trend. He predicts a potential price target of $3,400, based on technical patterns.

Broader Market Factors in Play: While the sale might add selling pressure, Ethereum's price trajectory is expected to be influenced by broader market dynamics and its robust technical indicators. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 🚀 Bitcoin breaks $50K.
  2. ⚖️ Elon Musk ordered to testify.
  3. 🪦 Skiff sunsets amid acquisition.
  4. 🔓 Sandbox token unlock worth ~$97M.

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Crypto News

• ⭐️ Bitcoin breaks $50K for the first time since December 2021.

FTX sells Digital Custody Inc. to Coinlist for $500K after acquiring it for $10M in 2022.

US SEC reportedly faces exodus of senior enforcement lawyers in its crypto assets and cyber unit.

Coinbase Chief Legal Officer does NOT expect US SEC legal case against them to be dismissed.

Gemini Earn bankruptcy hearing date moves to February 26th.

Metaco CEO & CPO leave firm nearly 1 year after it was acquired by Ripple.

Ethiopia attracts Chinese mining companies with cheap electricity costs.


Aave V3 launches on Scroll Mainnet.

SEI $SEI co-founder posts, "Gm Seiyans big things coming soon," on X.

Hyperlane Community Call today at 1900 UTC.

Forge Season 1 is live.

Layer N by Alpha Insiders.

Fleek testnet by mztacat.


Voyager posts Starknet $STRK airdrop webpage on X.

Covalent CEO posts, "$CQT stakers eating well tonight..," in regards to Wormhole $W tokenomics.

Mocaverse potential airdrop by Airdrop Official.

Upcoming Airdrop events by Airdrop Official.

Finance News

US January CPI & PPI data to be released this week.

• ⭐️ Elon Musk ordered to testify by US SEC over potential violations with his purchase of X in 2022.

• ⭐️ Skiff sunsets for 6 months amid acquisition by Notion.

Security and Exploits

SlowMist Weekly Security Report highlights ~$31.16M in losses.

Kyber Exploiter who originally hacked Kyber for $46.7M continues to move funds.

Token Unlocks

• Cyber / 2.36M $CYBER / ~$18M / FEB 13
⭐️ • Sandbox / 205.59M $SAND / ~$97.3M / FEB 14
• Euler / 98.36K $EUL / ~$422K / FEB 15
• Flow / 2.6M $FLOW / ~$2.2M / FEB 15
• ApeCoin / 15.6M $APE / ~$22.5M / FEB 16
• Nym / 3.21M $NYM / ~$604K / FEB 17
• Manta / 6.67M $MANTA / ~$19M / FEB 18
• Oasis / 171M $ROSE / ~$21M / FEB 18


Analog, a Layer-0 blockchain for event data; raises $16M in funding led by Tribe Capital.

Truflation, an inflation data aggregator; raises $6M in funding led by Laser Digital and Red Beard Ventures.

The Mystery Society, a web3 social deduction game; raises $3M in Seed funding led by Shima Capital.

IntentX, a perpetuals DEX; raises $1.8M in Strategic funding led by Selini Capital.

Hydro, an Injective-native LSD+LSDFi protocol; raises an undisclosed amount in funding.

The Degen Farmer

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Turbos logoTurbos (Sui)USDTUSDC52.69%
Abracadabra logoAbracadabra (Arbitrum)MIMUSDCUSDT51.81%
Jones DAO logoJones DAO (Arbitrum)JUSDC46.95%
Beefy logoBeefy (Arbitrum)MIMARBUSDCEUSDT45.55%
Aerodrome logoAerodrome (Base)DOLAUSDC43.11%
Convex Finance logoConvex Finance (Ethereum)IDAIIUSDCIUSDT38.91%
Curve DEX logoCurve DEX (Ethereum)IDAIIUSDCIUSDT37.72%
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