$EIGEN Launches Non-Transferable Airdrop

🚀 EIGEN Stakedrop Launches Amidst Concerns

Stakedrop and Geoblocking Issues: EigenLayer has initiated the EIGEN token airdrop, termed "stakedrop", which faced backlash for being non-transferable and for geoblocking certain countries.

Pre-Market Trading Insights: Traders on platforms like Aevo are betting on EIGEN's future value, currently trading around $9, despite its non-transferable status at launch.

EigenLayer's DeFi Innovation and Reaction: As a restaking service on Ethereum, EigenLayer raises significant funds and user interest but has to navigate initial criticisms and adapt to community feedback. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 📈 Wells Fargo buys Bitcoin ETF.
  2. 🏗️ US Banks test shared-ledger tech.
  3. 💰 Tether invests in CityPay.
  4. 🛡️ Google releases security updates.

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Crypto News

• ⭐️ Wells Fargo discloses Spot Bitcoin ETF holdings.

Binance responds to WSJ affirming it does not tolerate market abuse.

Kraken pushes to dismiss US SEC lawsuit ahead of June hearing.

US House overturns bill that prevents financial firms from acting as custodians for cryptocurrencies.

Binance & Kucoin obtain registration with Indian Financial Intelligence Unit.


BounceBit to launch Mainnet on May 13th.

Puffer launches Mainnet & Chapter 4 of the Crunchy Carrot Quest.

Parallel Network launches Kelp $rsETH airdrop event.

Mode teases Staking v2 coming next week.

Slingshot introduces FLEX, an onchain trading app.


Weekly Airdrop News & Claims by Earndrop.

• ⭐️ Eigen launches $EIGEN Stakedrop claims for Phase 1 Season 1.

Blast launches Gold Distribution 3. (15M Gold)

Holograph reveals $HLG & tokenomics.

Layer3 introduces $L3 token, tokenomics, & airdrop details.

ICYMI Orderly Airdrop Strategy by Earndrop.

Finance News

• ⭐️ US Banks test shared-ledger technology for tokenized asset settlements.

OpenAI to announce Google $GOOG search competitor.

Sam Altman's company Oklo goes public $OKLO.

Security and Exploits

Bloom exploited for $540K due to exploit, but has since been recovered.

• ⭐️ Google releases update to patch zero-day flaw affecting Chromium-based browsers.

Cybersecurity researchers discover new "LLMjacking" attack.

Token Unlocks

• Moonbeam / 3.04M $GLMR / ~$909K / MAY 11
• Aptos / 11.31M $APT / ~$100M / MAY 12


• ⭐️ CityPay, a digital currency payment solution; raises an undisclosed amount in funding from Tether.

Seeds Labs, a Web3 game developer; raises $12M in Seed funding.

Arch Network, a Bitcoin-native application platform; raises $7M in Seed funding led by Multicoin Capital.

UXUY, a next-gen DEX; raises $7M in Pre-Series A funding.

Arcium, a parallelized confidential computing network; raises $5.5M in Strategic funding led by Greenfield Capital.

Zeal, a smart defi wallet; raises $2M in funding from Gnosis.

Arbelos Markets, a trading firm; raises an undisclosed amount in Seed funding led by Dragonfly.

The Degen Farmer

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Reya: a new L2 with over 200M in liquidity

Airdrop Opportunity 🪂: Reya's LGE is very close, and users that stake can start farming $REYA.

Backed by some of the best: investors include the likes of Coinbase Ventures, Wintermute, Robot Ventures, and more.

Reya Labs (creator of Reya Network) is run by a team of DeFi OGs with multiple successful startups launched in the past, such as Voltz Protocol.

How to get the airdrop? - Users can deposit USDC while the LGE event lasts to get boosted XP. XP is expected to convert into rewards in the future.

👉 Farm $REYA's XP by staking USDC

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