Chainalysis Hires The IRS

Chainalysis New Hire

Notable Appointment: Jim Lee, former Chief of IRS Criminal Investigations, joins Chainalysis as Global Head of Capacity Building.

Role Focus: Lee will aid international agencies in developing strategies against crypto-based crime, leveraging his extensive government experience.

Driving Factors: Influenced by Chainalysis's leadership in crypto security and the potential of crypto to improve financial transparency and efficiency. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 🖼️ Eclipse releases free NFT on Rarible.
  2. 🪂 Tensor airdrops $TNSR token.
  3. 💰 Ark Invest sells ~$15M worth of Coinbase shares.
  4. 💸 Lumoz raises $6M in Pre-Series A funding.

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Crypto News

Avi Eisenberg's trial for alleged criminal fraud and manipulation to open Tuesday.

dYdX Chain halts for nearly 10 hours due to a release containing the wrong version of the Cosmos IAVL library.

HashKey launches global crypto exchange HashKey Global.

Syndicate announces Deploy On Degen Week with over 10M $DEGEN in grants.

Tether $USDT produced ~$6.2B in net income in 2023 according to MaelstromFund.


Karak launches Private Access allowing users to deposit and restake for Karak XP.

• ⭐️ Eclipse releases free NFT which can be bridged to Eclipse Mainnet once live.

FriendTech update allows users to edit their usernames.

BSX launches Open Beta Sprint on Zealy.


• ⭐️ Tensor airdrops $TNSR token, now trading at $1.7B Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV).

Inco Network posts, "Big week INCOming..." on X, hinting at $INCO token.

Cashmere Labs airdrops $GOAT points to testnet users.

dappOS Airdrop Strategy by Airdrop Official.

Finance News

US to announce March CPI on April 10th & March FOMC on April 11th.

• ⭐️ Ark Invest sells an additional ~$15M worth of Coinbase $COIN shares.

Tesla $TSLA settles lawsuit over 2018 fatal autopilot crash.

Security and Exploits

SlowMist Weekly Security Report highlights 5 incidents with over ~$1M in losses.

Google sues two developers for allegedly running an international online consumer investment fraud scheme.

Token Unlocks

• 1Inch / 214.29K $1INCH / ~$121K / APR 10
• Moonbeam / 3.04M $GLMR / ~$1.4M / APR 10
• Euler / 76.72K $EUL / ~$424K / APR 11
• Aptos / 24.84M $APT / ~$335M / APR 12
• CyberConnect / 886.12K $CYBER / ~$12M / APR 14
• Starknet / 64M $STRK / ~$124M / APR 14


• ⭐️ Lumoz, a blockchain scaling infrastructure project; raises $6M in Pre-Series A funding.

Spotlight, an onchain playground; raises $2M in funding from Folius Ventures.

QuantAMM, an onchain asset-management infrastructure provider; raises $1.85M in Pre-Seed funding.

Ritual, a network for open AI infrastructure; raises an undisclosed amount in Strategic funding from Polychain.

Juice & Omega raise an undisclosed amount in Strategic funding from Manifold.

The Degen Farmer

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Velodrome V2 logoVelodrome V2 (Optimism)USDCDOLA51.60%
Blast Futures logoBlast Futures (Blast)USDB48.02%
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