BitForex Goes Dark With $57M

🔍 BitForex Offline Amid $57M Mystery

Website Offline: The BitForex cryptocurrency exchange website went offline following a reported $57 million withdrawal from its hot wallets on February 23. This incident occurred shortly after the company's CEO stepped down in January.

Previous Concerns: BitForex was previously flagged by Japanese regulators for operating without a license. Additionally, a 2019 Chainalysis report suggested the possibility of BitForex faking trading volumes.

Current Status: As of now, BitForex has not provided any updates since February 21. The reasons behind the website going offline and the large withdrawal remain unclear, raising concerns among users and stakeholders. Read More.

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  1. 📈 MicroStrategy buys more Bitcoin.
  2. 🏆 Blast competition winners announced.
  3. 🪂 Aevo Co-Founder posts, "$AEVO soon?."
  4. 💰 Avail raises $27M in Seed funding.

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Crypto News

US Department of Energy halts investigation of cryptocurrency miner energy use following lawsuit.

Binance $4.3B plea deal with US Department of Justice approved.

• ⭐️ MicroStrategy $MSTR buys an additional ~$155M worth of Bitcoin $BTC.

Justin Sun suspected wallet buys an additional 13780 Ethereum $ETH.

eToro CEO considers IPO after plans to go public via merger are scrapped.


Puffer Chapter 3 of Puffy's Crunchy Carrot Quest is live.

• ⭐️ Blast Big Bang Competition winners announced.

Ethena Epoch 2 of the Shard Campaign is live.

Uniswap posts, "The team is cooking this week T-1 day 👀" on X.


Bebop Airdrop Strategy by Earndrop.

• ⭐️ Aevo Co-Founder posts, "$AEVO soon?" on X.

deBridge posts, "Loyalty will be rewarded" on X.

SyncSwap posts, "wen" on X, potentially hinting upcoming token.

Mute posts, "Soon ™️ Feb. 29th 🤫" on X.

Element NFT Marketplace posts, "It seems like we need a DAO..." on X.

FriendTech hints at an airdrop with X post illustrating parachutes and crates of diamonds.

Parcl introduces $PRCL token with it coming in April.

Finance News

Ark Invest sells an additional ~$16M worth of Coinbase $COIN shares.

Goldman Sachs $GS & Mubadala sign $1B private credit Asia-Pacific partnership deal.

BP $BP executive's husband pleads guilty to insider trading $1.76M after eavesdropping on work calls.

Ant Group outbids Citadel for Credit Suisse's China unit.

Security and Exploits

MicroStrategy X account hacked, posts wallet drainer links.

RiskOnBlast rugpulls 420 Ethereum worth ~$1.3M.

Aleo mistakenly exposes KYC of 10 community members due to copy/paste error in email metadata.

Intmax launches bounty program for their Plasma Next architecture.

LockBit Ransomware Group returns using new infrastructure after law enforcement previously seized control.

Avast fined $16.5M for storing and selling customer information without their consent.

Token Unlocks

• Nym $NYM / 25M / ~$5.2M / FEB 26
• Yield Guild Games $YGG / 16.69M / ~$9M / FEB 27
• SingularityNET $AGIX / 8.97M / ~$6.6 / FEB 27
• Echelon Prime $PRIME / 1.66M / ~$21M / FEB 28
• Sui $SUI / 4M / ~$6.6M / FEB 28
• Optimism $OP / 24.16M / ~$88.7M / FEB 28
• Euler $EUL / 92.5K / ~$520K / FEB 29
• Manta $MANTA / 1.87M / ~$5.6M / FEB 29
• dYdX $DYDX / 33.33M / ~$117.7M / FEB 29
• ZetaChain $ZETA / 5.29M / ~$12.3M / FEB 29
• Acala $ACA / 27.43M / ~$2.9M / FEB 29


• ⭐️ Avail, a Web3 infrastructure layer; raises $27M in Seed funding led by Founders Fund and Dragonfly.

OX FUN, a gamified perpetuals exchange; raises $4M in funding led by Foresight Ventures.

Shuffle, a crypto casino and sports betting platform; raises $2.5M in funding.

Singularity, an institutional-grade DeFi access layer; raises $2.2M in funding led by gumi Cryptos Capital.

5ire, an L1 EVM compatible smart contract platform; raises an undisclosed amount in funding from Gotbit.

Delphinus Lab, a trustless computation provider; raises an undisclosed amount in funding from OKX Ventures.

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Cetus logoCetus (Sui)USDTUSDC33.73%
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