Bitcoin's Halving: what you need to know

🔒 The 2024 Bitcoin Halving Decoded

Inflation Control via Halving: Satoshi Nakamoto initiated halving to control Bitcoin inflation, enhancing scarcity and the stock-to-flow ratio since its 2009 inception with a 50 BTC mining reward.

2024’s Significant Reduction: The 2024 halving will cut mining rewards from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC, urging miners to increase efficiency, amidst the backdrop of the 2022 crypto winter and 2023 economic downturn.

Investor Attraction & Security Concerns: Bitcoin's deflationary nature draws investors seeking inflation refuge, despite halving-induced price volatility and potential network security risks due to reduced miner profitability. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. Maker's Accelerated Proposal due to potential DAI supply shock
  2. $AEVO launch on March 13
  3. BlockFi Settles with estates of FTX/Alameda for $875M
  4. BlackRock's CEO calls Bitcoin a "great long-term store of value"

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Crypto News

El Salvador's BTC investment sitting in $84M of profit

• ⭐️ Maker's accelerated proposal to increase DAI's borrow interest rate

New Bitcoin price is creating 1500 new Bitcoin millionaire wallets daily

• ⭐️ Bitcoin's halving is coming in 2024: everything you need to know

Ethereum's Dencun upgrade is due to come this week

• ⭐️ BlockFi Settles with estates of FTX/Alameda for $875M

• ⭐️ BlackRock's CEO calls Bitcoin a "great long-term store of value". See the clip:


Mint Zora's 11:11 collection

New Taiko Task ($0 required)


Polyhedra deleted claim portal page

LayerZero is implementing a negative airdrop multiplier for some transactions

$AEVO airdrop to be launched 9AM UTC on March 13

$W from Wormhole airdrop checker is live

Finance News

Tesla's Germany Gigafactory reconnected to electricity

US' treasury yields dip ahead of inflation data

Xiaomi launching electric car March 28

Boeing 737 MAX production quality controls have not been optimal

Security and Exploits

JuiceBot exploited for 54ETH

New DocuSign email phishing to be prepared for

Phishing losses in 2024 ascend to $100 million

Microsoft confirms russian hackers stole internal data

Token Unlocks

• Moonbeam / 3M $GLMR / $1.55M / MAR 11
• Aptos / 24M $APT / $329M / MAR 12
• Euler / 86K $EUL / $600K / MAR 14
• Arbitrum / 1B $ARB / $2.28B / MAR 16
• Flow / 2.6M $FLOW / $3.5M / MAR 16
• ApeCoin / 15M $APE / $34M / MAR 17


Elixir Protocol raises 8M

NFTfi reaises 6M in series A

DreamOS, a webOS, raises 2M

Optimism sells $90M of $OP tokens to private buyer

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