AltLayer Announces $ALT Token Details

🚀 AltLayer's Token Launch and Airdrop

Token Launch Date: AltLayer will release its ALT token on January 25, with a Binance Launchpool farming event starting January 19. Early supporters are set for a special airdrop.

Airdrop Eligibility: A snapshot for the airdrop was taken on January 17, targeting NFT holders and community members. Notably, U.S. residents are excluded from this event.

Token Utility and Funding: ALT tokens will be used for governance and protocol fees. AltLayer raised $22.8 million in private sales, representing 18.5% of the total ALT supply. Read More.

️ On today's Top Picks:

  1. 🔜 Ethereum Dencun upgrade launches on Goerli testnet.
  2. 📉 VanEck to delist Bitcoin ETF.
  3. ⚖️ Coinbase and SEC clash in court.
  4. 📱 Solana Mobile Chapter 2 unveiled.

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Crypto News

• ⭐️ Ethereum Dencun upgrade launches on Goerli testnet incorporating proto-danksharding.

• ⭐️ VanEck to delist Bitcoin ETF citing performance and investor interest.

• ⭐️ Coinbase argues in court for the dismissal of the SEC case against them.

Do Kwon trial pushed back to March due to challenges of extradition from Montenegro.

Sam Bankman-Fried's parents seek dismissal of FTX lawsuit against them.

Tether challenges United Nations report highlighting USDT role in underground banking and money laundering.

Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) integrates Circle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP).

TrueUSD $TUSD stablecoin depegs to ~$0.98 amid selloff due to holder uncertainty.

• ⭐️ Solana Mobile Chapter 2 unveiled and available for preorder.

Venezuela terminates Petro cryptocurrency amid controversy and lack of adoption.

Gemini prepares to launch retail and institutional services in France as it obtains VASP approval.

OKX to offer local currency trading pairs in Dubai as it wins Virtual Assets License.


EtherFi introduces daily check-in streaks which reward points.

Braavos launches zkLend quest on Starknet Quest.

Kakarot zkEVM closes in on being a feature complete EVM.

Blast Testnet launches alongside Big Bang competition for dapps and developers.

Orbiter Finance launches Take Orbiter to 2024 campaign on Galxe.

Squid celebrates one year birthday with free NFT mint.

Element NFT marketplace to snapshot Manta Girls NFT collection on January 18th.

Farcaster Giraffe protocol releases along with free NFT mint on Zora.

Rainbow points now awarded for just using dapps with Rainbow.

WalletConnect launches Web3Inbox, an app that keeps you notified of what’s happening across web3.

RedStone Oracles launches celebratory Warp Contracts quest on Galxe.

Animoca Brands partners with Magnus Carlsen to launch decentralized chass game Anichess.


• ⭐️ AltLayer $ALT token and airdrop launching January 25th.

Manta Network $MANTA airdrop checker based on New Paradigm NFTs is live.

Frame and $FRAME airdrop launching January 31st.

Wormhole airdrop strategy by Crypto Snooper.

Finance News

US banks urge Federal Reserve to completely overhaul a draft rule hiking bank capital.

Red Sea global shipping disruption to last a few months according to Maersk CEO.

Microsoft $MSFT partners with Vodafone to bring its services to businesses and consumers across Europe and Africa.

Apple $AAPL passes Samsung to become world's largest smartphone maker in 2023.

Tesla $TSLA slashes car prices across Europe.

N26, a German bank is set to allow stocks and ETF trading for customers.

X receives money transmitter license for payment services in Utah.

US Pentagon awards $2.5B in satellite contracts to L3Harris $LHX, Lockheed Martin $LMT, and Sierra Space.

JetBlue $JBLU $3.8B purchase of Spirit Airlines $SAVE blocked by federal judge.

Security and Exploits

Socket (Bungee) exploited for ~$3M due to incomplete validation of user input.

Chrome releases update fixing four security issues.

GitHub fixes bug that could have exposed credentials in production containers.

Token Unlocks

• Euler / 110.72K $EUL / ~$496K / JAN 17
• 1inch / 364.29K $1INCH / ~$173K / JAN 18
• Axie Infinity / 3.43M $AXS / ~$28.6M / JAN 18
• Nym / 3.27M $NYM / ~$853K / JAN 18
• Injective / 3.67M $INJ / ~$150.9M / JAN 20
• Space ID / 53.27M $ID / ~$17.6M / JAN 21


HashKey Group raises $100M in Series A funding.

Dimo, a decentralized car data network developer; raises $11.5M in Series A funding led by CoinFund.

0xScope, a AI data layer for Web3 AI applications; raises $5M in funding led by HashKey Capital.

Renzo, an EigenLayer restaking hub; raises $3.2M in Seed funding led by Maven 11.

Canza Finance, financial tools for Sub-Saharan African enterprises; raises $2.3M in Strategic funding led by Polychain.

Wield, the company behind FarQuest; raises $1M in Pre-Seed funding led by Lemniscap.

Four Pillars, a blockchain research firm; raises $500K in Seed funding.

Manta Network raises an undisclosed amount in Strategic funding from ArkStream Capital.

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Merkl logoMerkl (Arbitrum)STEURUSDC34.84%
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Curve DEX logoCurve DEX (Ethereum)IDAIIUSDCIUSDT32.35%
Beefy logoBeefy (Arbitrum)MIMARBUSDCEUSDT31.18%
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